The little bit of luxury between bathtub and wall
With BETTEUPSTAND we provide a hygienic, durable and most importantly, visually appealing solution. The BetteUpstand allows Bette baths and shower trays to extend under the backsplash and makes the use of silicone in the wall edge unnecessary.
While designers keep developing
new and more elegant models for
baths, the edge to the backsplash
stays the same – a silicone joint.
BetteUpstand changes all this.
BetteUpstand for baths
BetteUpstand for shower areas und shower trays
Hygienic, safe, maintenance-free
BetteUpstand in detail
Advantages of the BetteUpstand
- its glass-like finish does not let bacteria take hold

- is sturdy and easy to clean

- stays permanently clean and hygenic
- provides safe protection against water penetration
- saves troublesome maintenance work
Disadvantages of silicone joints
- are real dirt traps
- are a good breeding ground for germs and bacteria
- are difficult to clean
- are a possible target for mould
- porous joints cause water damage
- repairs are troublesome and expensive
Planning with BetteUpstand
Standard BetteUpstand
The BetteUpstand is a
35 mm high, enamelled upturn of
the tray or bath edge, of which
12 mm is tiled over during installation. It makes makes
the use of silicone in the wall
edge unnecessary.

BetteUpstand made to measure
To allow you to enjoy the benefits of BetteUpstand even with unusual room geometries or
planning projects, we adapt the upstands individually, in accordance with a given drawing. Because
of this flexibility, BetteUpstand can be integrated into virtually any bathroom architecture.
Shortened BetteUpstand
The BetteUpstand can also be
specifically adapted for corners
where the wall area does not
continue. We recommend setting
the upstand back by 10 mm.
The front can then be neatly
tiled over and the clear joint line
of the splashback is retained.
Dipl.-Ing. Neil Winstanley (at the right), spine architects, Hamburg
„The use of BetteUpstand makes a good
contribution to a project that is geared
to sustainability and longevity.”“
Installation lightweight and solid construction
BetteFloor Side and Bette shower trays with a side length ≥ 1200 mm, come supplied with a 50 mm high tray edge. The upstand stays the same at 35 mm.
Lightweight construction

A Single & double planking 12,5 mm

B Studding 

C Double planking to outer edge of tray 

Solid construction

A Render surface & masonry

B Rendered masonry to outer edge of tray

C Outer edge of tray to unrendered masonry

Installation into a corner and into niche
As the shower tray with BetteUpstand is let into the wall, the tray installation dimension changes. Please bear this in mind when planning the shower screen. The dimensions specified relate to the rendered rough state, without tiling.
Installation into a corner

A Tray dimension - (6 mm + Tile thickness front)

B Tray dimension + 20 mm 

C Tray dimension - 12 mm = Recess dimension rendered masonry 

Installation into a niche