Extended product lines, additional functions and new colours for even greater design freedom.
BetteLoft built-in bath
The new BetteLoft line is based on the fundamental design of four tapered surfaces that meet up together. The generous interior of the bath and washbasin are surrounded by precise contours. The 8 mm fine slim rim gives the minimalistic design its expressive character.
BetteLoft built-in washbasin
BetteLoft Ornament wall-mounted washbasin
BetteLoft Ornament free-standing bath
The unique options of the Bette production facility are evident in the spectacular shape of the new line BetteLoft Ornament. The geometric pattern of the expressive exterior continues the interior linearity. The free-standing bath and wall-mounted washbasin owe their particular brilliance to the play between light and shadow.
BetteLoft Ornament wall-mounted washbasin
BetteLux Oval
BetteLux Oval Couture free-standing washbasin and free-standing bath
BetteLux Oval Couture free-standing bath
The world’s first bath clothed in fabric and the matching washbasin bring home comfort into the bathroom, and bathing comfort into the living area. The unique advantages of enamelled titanium steel are elegantly fused with the feel of fabric and a cosy look.
BetteLux Oval Couture
Unlimited dimensional variability
Thanks to their smooth surfaces, Bette shower areas provide uncompromising hygiene in the bathroom, and constantly open up new options in room design. The flush-to-floor BetteFloor and BetteFloor Side shower areas are now also available in several more dimensions.