Extended product lines, additional functions and new colours for even greater design freedom. 

BetteStarlet Spirit

BetteStarlet Spirit built-in bath

The icon in bathroom planning. State of the art for 20 years. Now available with a refinded 8mm folded bath rim. Timeless bath shape. Generous storage surfaces.

Available from: August 2018

BetteStarlet Spirit built-in bath

BetteLoft Ornament in black

BetteLoft Ornament bath and washbasin
BetteLoft Ornament washbasin

The unique options of the Bette production facility are evident in the spectacular shape of the new line BetteLoft Ornament. The geometric pattern of the expressive exterior continues the interior linearity. The free-standing bath and wall-mounted washbasin owe their particular brilliance to the play between light and shadow. Bath and washbasin are now available in black.

BetteLoft Ornament bath and washbasin


New dimensions

The BetteClassic is a comfortable bath in the classic parallel shape. With a generous interior and the drain at the foot end. The bath depth is 45 cm. Available from april the BetteClassic has two new dimensions.


1500 × 700 × 450; 1268 (New)

1600 × 750 × 450; 1269 (New)

1700 × 750 × 450; 1260

1800 × 700 × 450; 1360

1800 × 750 × 450; 1360

1800 × 800 × 450; 1360

(L × W × D; lying dimensions)

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Minimum-polystyrene support

Minimum-polystyrene support
Minimum-polystyrene support

Available with:


BetteFloor Side


- Easy and quick to install on the screed

- Ideal for renovations and new-builds

- Increased sound protection to DIN 4109 and VDI 4100, sound protection level 3, only 17 dB(A)

- Minimum installation height from 35 mm

- Carrier elements pre-assembled at works

- Can be combined with BetteSealing System

Minimum-polystyrene support - Installation with Sealing System

Installation heights:

BetteFloor: 35 mm

BetteFloor Side: 35 mm

BetteUltra (25 mm): 35 mm

BetteUltra (35 mm): 40 mm

Available from: August 2018


The BetteSolid is particularly easy to clean as the drain trap is now outside the siphon pan. Edges inside have been reduced to a minimum which requires less cleaning. The ultra-flat installation height makes it ideal for renovations.

Water seal depth: 30 mm

Installation height: 48 mm

Drainage capacity: 0,6 l/s

incl. hair filter

Easy access for cleaning also via spiral

Available exclusively from Bette

Water seal depth: 50 mm
Installation height: 68 mm

Drainage capacity: 0,6 l/s
incl. hair filter
Easy access for cleaning also via spiral
Available exclusively from Bette

Available from: August 2018

Sealing System Pro

The Sealing System Pro allows the installation of Bette baths and shower trays in accordance with the requirements of DIN 18534 and therefore protects of water damage. The included cut protection shields the Sealing System additionally if the silicone joint needs to be replaced.

Available from: April 2018

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