For professionals

Are you a professional in the industry, a tradesman or an interior designer? We go deep down into the materials for you here. Focusing on the professionally planned and built bathroom: From the floor construction, sealing and installation – to the made-to measure bath or shower tray.

3 min.

Acid test for sealing components on baths and showers

Completely waterproof – even with dynamic loads.

2 min.

BetteSolid – Bette’s new waste fitting cleans itself

BetteSolid is an entirely new waste fitting for the shower that has a high self-cleaning performance and that drains up to 36 l of water a minute. In doing so, Bette declares war on blocked and hard-to-clean drains under the shower.

2 min.

The electronic overflow system BetteSensory

BetteSensory eliminates the need for a visible overflow in baths. The technology and operating method of the innovative electronic overflow system have now been visualised in a video animation that explains the system clearly and succinctly.

5 min.

Sound insulation in the bathroom: gentle rain shower or irritating downpour?

The water in the shower sprinkles down like a refreshing rain shower in the forest, and the bath fills with a murmur that is not unlike a waterfall or waves breaking on the shore. What gives rise to anticipation and lovely memories in one person, though, can be perceived as a nuisance and unwanted by the neighbours.

4 min.

Fast, straightforward and sustainable: LBG refurbishes bathrooms

Bette's intelligent installation frame saves time and effort when installing new shower trays – ideal when the building time schedule is tight. Refurbishing is one of the supreme disciplines in residential construction. If a number of residential units need to be completed at the same time, then a cool head is required.


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